Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Possibility for more Advent?

Probably not... but interesting to note that Chair Entertainment - where the Mustard Bros. scurried off to after the Advent implosion to create Undertow - has just been bought by Epic. We know they had quite some trouble getting the Unreal Engine to work well on the Xbox. Maybe Epic can help them out with that with the sequels???

Check out the press release and some comments over at my favourite blog - Joystiq...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some very old info that was never posted

Just tossing out stuff here from some recent google surfing while in an Advent mood/mode.

There was an IGN interview back about a whole year ago that might be of interest to some of you here.

And one more thing, it seems that a few of the hardcore Advent Rising fans from the old days have gathered on the Chair Entertainment forums. Now, I'm not saying that you should go there armed with pitchforks and knives and make Advent Rising assault and battery threads or posts, but you may want to give the forum a look, and that link is here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mustard update

So Advent Rising has died off somewhere as has this blog really... but the briefest of updates as to what the Mustard boys are up to...

Their new company - Chair Entertainment - is now working on a new Xbox Live Arcade title called Undertow. IGN calls it a cross between Geometry Wars and Battlefield... underwater. And they think it's looking ok. of all places (ok so it's really GameFile) also have an reasonably interesting, now and then piece on the Don. Check it out.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Advent Comic #4 and the fate of Advent Shadow.

Advent Rising: Rock the Planet #4 was released on Wednesday, April 5.

Also, this is some old news, but hasn't been posted on the blog yet. Advent Shadow, the sidestory game outside of the main series of Advent Rising, along with other Majesco PSP titles, has been cancelled according to IGN.

IGN article

thanks to Sir_Brizz for the link.

One more thing. According to Rob Worley, Donald Mustard's new website is now active. Notice the email address.

Friday, February 17, 2006

PAL Advent release!

Advent Rising quietly slipped into stores this week for Xbox and PC in Europe. After many delays Europeans finally get the chance to enjoy Advent. Surf on over to the Advent Rising Majesco Forums for a few opinions.

You can check out the Eurogamer review by clicking here. Even with the low score they did have some good points.

In other Advent news, please note that Advent Rising: Rock the Planet #4 will be on store shelves in March 2006.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Majesco is still committed to Advent.

The following is taken from the January issue of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM).

To Be Continued...?

I was wondering whether you knew anything about an Advent Rising sequel. I think it’s one of the best Xbox games ever and the ending (er endings) really left me hanging. So for peace of mind, I would like to know whether or not there’s a sequel in the works.
-David Sianissian

We Say: You’re not the only Advent Rising fan, David. We dug the kinetic and story-driven action that GlyphX’s debut effort delivered, and the developer has always gone on record saying that the game was planned as the first of a trilogy. Unfortunately, Majesco wouldn’t go on record specifically addressing the future of the Advent series. What a representative for the company did say was, “While Majesco is currently focused on their new upcoming titles for 2006...we remain committed to our existing, originally developed intellectual properties including Advent Rising and Bloodrayne, but are not ready to make any announcements at this time.”

Thanks to Soma Holiday from the Majesco boards for the info.