Sunday, April 10, 2005

First review, big spenders and a screenshot

A range of things to talk about today.

The first review is apparently in ! As reported on the official website, 'Stuff' magazine has given AR a 3 out of 4. To be honest a 75% score as a first impression had me dissapointed... but you have to consider that this is not a specialist gaming publication and these types of outlets can often 'follow the hype' with their scores. With the hype machine yet to really fire up, this could be more a score based on first impressions. With the game not yet 'gold', and the lead time on magazine publications often a number of weeks, it may have been a non-final build that was reviewed. Additionally, we have to consider the quote that actually went with the score :
"This sci-fi epic's incredible graphics and design combine with fast-paced fighting and shooting action to deliver a space ball of a good time."
Sounds a bit better !
The 'proper' reviews should be in soon though - keep stopping by here for the latest ! (If anyone has read the whole 'Stuff' review, chime in with your thoughts)

Secondly, of interest is the news that Majesco will be spending big on the Psychonaughts marketing campaign. Why does this matter for Advent Rising ? Majesco is currently trying to position itself as a front-running publisher of AAA titles - Psychonaughts, BloodRayne and Advent Rising are the center pieces of this plan in the short/medium term. I expect AR to be also getting a big launch push. We've already seen the start of this with the sweepstakes and Comic tie in, and I have read rumours of a trailer for the game being attached to Revenge of the Sith ! This would seem to be a perfect match and a bold move by Majesco... we'll see what happens shortly anyway.

Finally I thought I would post a screenshot from the fansite pack for you to check out.

What do we see here ? Looks to me to be a couple of Special Ops troops taking on some Seekers with some kind of energy weapon. Any thoughts any one ? It's definitely an in game engine shot but doesn't look to be from actual play.

Look out for more screenshots coming soon.


At 4:44 AM, Blogger Rooney said...

Also - just a note on the new Blog layout.

I've tweaked the page a little to be wider and therefore not as long and skinny... possibly not as easy to read, but hopefully not too bad.

The countdown clock is also up !


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