Thursday, May 12, 2005

OXM Review of Advent Rising

This might get missed in all the Xbox360 hubbub... but not missed here !

There is a little teaser about the OXM review of Advent Rising on the site. And it sounds fantastic.

We in the gaming press have great jobs—let none of us ever say otherwise. As part of our work, we get to see all of tomorrow's hottest games today, so to speak. But sometimes we are shown games too early, when they're not even fully cohesive programs.

Such was the case with Advent Rising, the anticipated, plot-driven, third-person action-adventure from Glyphx Games and Majesco Games with a story penned by famed novelist Orson Scott Card. The game ships at the end of this month, but I first saw it approximately a year and a half ago. Back then it was practically a tech demo, running at a mere 15 frames per second with a couple of vehicles thrown in for testing and experimentation purposes. It didn't leave the most favorable impression at the time.

Well, the game showed up in the office for review recently, and on an optimistic whim I volunteered for the review. It's Orson Scott Card, after all!

I'm happy to report that my optimism was rewarded and that, 18 or so months later, Glyphx's pre-pre-pre-alpha demo turned into one heck of a final package. There's plenty to like in Advent Rising, not the least of which is, naturally, the story line. Of course, you'll have to read my full review in the July issue of Official Xbox Magazine (on sale June 14) to find out exactly how much I liked it, but rest assured that it's a game you want to keep a close eye on.

--By Ryan McCaffrey, Assistant Editor, Official Xbox Magazine

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