Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New IGN Powers...

It's 6:00AM at a near deserted Singapore Airport so what else to do but update this sucker ?!

A new artcle up at IGN...

So what's in it ? A look at the 'Negate' power. I've heard it described before, but I haven't seen screenshots - good to see. Basically, you have the power to set up an energy shield directly in front of you. You can then use it to advance on the enemy and if there are any Seekers in the way, it sounds like they'll meet a nasty end. The secondary use of the power involves encircling yourself with the shield... sounds almost like an energy whirlwind with you in the centre... we'll see how that plays out.

Also there is a very short profile on the 'Rockwell-Young XJ9'. Sounds like a standard assault rifle/grenade launcher combo... a pic of it at IGN !

Apologies for any typos caused by sleep deprivation...


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