Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The other trilogy

Another certain sci-fi trilogy has been occupying my mind recently ;) I’ve just watched Episode I (fast forwarding about 40% of the movie) and Episode II (skipping about 10%) and are primed for Revenge of the Sith. My excitement is tempered with my experience the last two times (less so AOTC) but it is still a day to be a day long remembered.

Midnight opening - here I come.

UPDATE : 3:46AM... I'm back. No spoilers here - but three words come to mind at the minute : intense, excitement, sadness. If you're a fan, you don't need me to tell you to go and see this movie.


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous subordinater said...

What, you only watched Episodes I and II? We watched them all! And that was during finals week up a college (ah, what a stupid, stupid thing to do). We also saw the Clone Wars cartoons, which are, by far, superior (in my opinion) to I and II.

Yeah, I can't wait. Bring it on!

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Berserker said...

So, Rooney, did they show the trailer for Advent Rising before Episode III?

I need to brief up on Episodes I and II a bit before I'm off to see Episode III. Subordinator, I totally agree with you on Clone Wars. I watched it a few days ago and was totally blown away.

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Rooney said...

I was watching in Oz... and no... no Advent Trailer !!!

I have only seen one Episode of Clone Wars... sound like I might have to grab those DVDs.

subordinator... yeah I hear you on IV, V and VI... and to be honest, I know want to watch them all again.

I really don't want to get people's hopes up any more (s this possible ?!!) and have them dissapointed.

But I really want to go back and watch the OT now. I think RotS will change the way I view a lot of that now.

To quote sub "Bring it on!"


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