Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Majesco troubles...

2 things to point out today.

Majesco is now the subject of four class-action lawsuits from shareholders over the share price disaster described below. They are contending that they were mislead on earnings forecasts.
Gamespot article

It is much to early to predict what the outcome will be and what effect this will have on the Advent Trilogy, needless to say they are probably a little distracted from getting on with the business at hand, which is running the $1million contest and hyping the PC release. (Should be released in a week but has ANYONE seen ANY coverage ANYWHERE?)

Secondly - carterman pointed out in the comments below that Sobe put up the $1million for the 'Race to save Humanity' contest. Can anyone confirm this? If so, the status of the contest may be quite different to what I described below. If I were Sobe, I may throw a spanner in the works though based on not getting value for money. (Especially if they were told Advent would ship 500,000 units or something)


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