Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 things to do while waiting...

The US Xbox launch is almost here... we should be seeing reviews up soon, and if you live in North America you could be playing the game in about a week !

So what to do while waiting ? Here are some ideas, along with some new screenshots to keep you busy for right now.

Boom ! Looks like there will be some nice graphical effects in the game... flames look a lot better in motion, but I still like what I see so far.

A List of 10...
10. Download the prologue comic or find it with DC Comics.
9. Watch the trailers again. The latest one is amazing.
8. Watch Revenge of the Sith. Nothing to do with Advent Rising, but if you’re interested in Advent you’ve got some geek in you. And if you have some geek in you, you have to see ROTS.
7. Enter the Sweepstakes. Entries close May 25... TODAY... so get in fast. Unfortunately only for North American residents.
6. Read some of the previews… The TeamXbox one is probably the best, but some of the post-E3 ones are OK too.
5. Pre-order the game from EB… not because I’m a huge fan of them or anything, but they do seem to have the pre-launch deal going around. Again… only for North Americans it seems 
4. Visit the official forums at Majesco. There are a few other forums around, but at this stage, these are the ones I’m endorsing. Check out what people are saying and start up your own account before it gets very busy post launch.
3. Go for a walk to the supermarket. The fresh air and exercise will do you good. And chances are you might be stuck in front of the Xbox or PC for a while eating whatever you get from the supermarket.
2. Read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Mr Card played a big role in developing Advent Rising’s story and is considered a legend in the sci-fi literature circles. You’ll be getting some culture and the right frame of mind for Advent.
1. Keep visiting the Advent Trilogy Blogspot ! I’ll be keeping it up to date with links and summaries of all the reviews when they hit, and offering my own view on the game when I’m able to get my hands on it.

You can see Gideon just in the front of this screenshot. It gives a great indication about just how big those Seekers are.


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