Monday, May 23, 2005

E3 has been and gone...

So the biggest event in the gaming year has been and gone. I for one was VERY underwhelmed. I was expecting some big announcements to really get excited about around franchises jumping platforms or something.

As a current Xbox fan, I was hoping for some big things from the Xbox360. MS really dropped the ball on this launch. Partially due to the viral campaign, the MTV launch and the leaks, there was really nothing to get excited about in their presentation. I think it will be a good console (the Live features in particular) but it wasn’t a great launch.

PS3 was launched as expected, and again I was underwhelmed. Not much was really shown despite some decent trailers. (Check out the Killzone trailer… impressive, even if it is pre-rendered)

And the Nintendo Revolution was probably the most disappointing thing. I was really excited about what Nintendo might have up its sleeve… in many ways I respect them the most as having gaming its top priority. But… again a letdown. Basically no real information and a very bland looking console in my opinion. (yeah it’s small… but it looks like a router or something… I don’t need a super small console)

And the actual games ? Nothing really leapt out at me. Gears of War for the 360 looks good. Perfect Dark Zero could ultimately deliver… but I’ll be waiting for more news before getting to excited about anything else.

As for Advent Rising ? Not a lot of news has come through as yet (to be expected… its almost release time!) but there were a few new screenshots released.

Check out TeamXbox to see them all.

UPDATE : Some previews based on an E3 play are beginning to surface. Preview

Game Target


Nothing overly revealing... the real reviews will be just days away.

A pleasing comment from the Gaming Target article though "Graphically, Advent Rising is incredible." Nice to hear that those graphical issues may have been put to rest.


At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Algarys said...

Yeah, I’m disappointed a lot too… I was hoping for some great reviews but the new trailer was the only good thing for me about Advent Rising in E3…


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