Saturday, August 27, 2005

Douglass Perry chimes in on Advent...

Sure, it's just some online games editor... but Doug has been around for a LOOOOOONG time in this industry. Additionally, he edits the site that was the most positive about the game out of all the big players.
Advent Sequel
Can you pester Majesco and GlyphX about whether Advent Rising's sequel will ever see the light of day. Obviously you don't know anything yet, or else you would have told us, but I would really appreciate it if you could get an interview with someone from both of those companies and see what's up.

-Uwe Warg

Sure, I can pester them, but I can tell you right now that Majesco won't be publishing a sequel. Game journalists ripped GlyphX's first game like it a commie in 1950s American suburbia. Shredded it, some of it deservedly, but a lot of it not. So, partially because of reviews and partially because the game was not firing perfectly on all cylinders Majesco won't be publishing a sequel. As I understand it, GlyphX is most likely working on another title entirely.


It's not the news we want to hear... but I happen to know Doug personally and definitely think his opinion is worth noting.

We can still live in hope!

Original IGN Mailbag

Thanks to Chikn n a Biscuit over at the Majesco forums for the heads up.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, right. you know Doug. Right. Dreams, sweet sweet dreams. you know what; I know Angelina Jolie. She is a nice lady. dreams, they are nice but have to be kept inside.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Rooney said...


Glad to know you equate a bald forty-something male who plays video games for a living with Angelina Jolie! (No offence to Doug) Do you want to have his babies too?

This is fairly easy to prove. You can email me if you want... or a search on my user handle would sort it out pretty quick.

Feel free to post non-anonymously later on if you want. Thanks for stopping by!

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous berserker said...

I think this link should answer Mr. anonymous' doubts.

Are you a freelance writer for IGN Rooney?

At 12:30 AM, Blogger Rooney said...

Hi Berserker,

Sorry for going off the deep end at whoever that was... I was probably being a bit of a dick name-dropping like that.

BUT - I was just trying to say that with Doug writing something online I actually respect what he has to say. He has been working in the industry for well over 10 years... probably as long as anyone has. He's seen plenty of games, developers and publishers come and go.

Plus - he is a really decent guy. I worked in the IGN offices for a couple of months waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1999 and he was one of the wise old men. (He had a wife and kid when most of us were just kids ourselves!)

I then did quite a bit of work as a freelancer from 1999-2001 before getting a 'real job' when I finished university. (Mainly working with Tal) Last year I made a mini comeback with some 'staff' and feature articles working with Doug. (No future work on the horizon really)

I preferred to do this site anonymously as I'm just doing it for fun and was hoping to 'pump up the tires' of Advent's release. (Pity that didn't really seem to happen!)

Thanks for your posting though Berserker!

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just get the game and shut up. what a waste of time.

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Andrew said...

Man! I really liked Advent Rising (I had next to no problems with the PC version) and I bought it knowing that it was a trilogy, and hoping to get the other 2 when they are released.

Now, due to poor reviews by some journalists, they are gonna can the project? That sux. If GlyphX and Majesco don't follow up on their promise for a trilogy, I'm certainly not buying anything else they may release.

Not because Advent Rising was a bad game, far from it, but because they let themselves get pushed around by the media. Who the heck believes what they read nowadays anyway?

Guess I go back to playing MOO3 (and what a poor excuse for a sequal that is supposed to be!)

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys. This is a great game. I would love, no, be elated as if the rapture had come if i could play the rest of the trilogy. It has a storyline as good as the Halo games and it presents as well as the Resident Evil games(1&2).
But sadley what it comes down to is money. By thrashing Advent the media has taken out the companie's will and motivation. It was like castration in the industry of video games. without the reviews and people pushing for the game. The gaming rags have a monopoly on what the consumer buys because of people's reviews. Maybe the kickbacks were not enough to get good review's or maybe the reviewer was having a bad day and couldn't get the game down...whatever I dont care. It is was a great game to play and i sat there wanting to know what happened next. I played till i could get past that one spot that always killed me. I felt the story as if i were reading an award winning novel. I play games every day but this one will always and forever be one of my Favorites. It is a shame that the fans get the short end of the stick when this kind of thing happens. To Glyphix and Majesco...keep your chin up and your eye on your goals. If all of our games are half as well thought out as this one was (and they are.) Then i will be looking forward to your future games just so you can keep me well entertained. That is what you do, entertain, and you do it marvelously.

At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Lone Wolf said...

Guys that game was soooo cool but I see that some idiots whit their big "shiny" review has canceled the Advent trilogy simply because they don't like it.But do not listen them,the one you should listen is your fans.The game caught me from the start I have play it on one breath.It was marvelous,so cool powers,awesome story...and what just because IGN or Gamespy or whatever stupid arrogant gamerewiev site has spit on Advent Rising .Well I've been spitting these sites for years and will never stop hate them cuz like all journalists have big mouths and because of these JERKS now I won't know what will happen next in the story.So I suggests to open your eyes and see that Advent Rising has their fans,and about the IGN,Gamespy and the other big mouths the american word that I love--: FUCK YOU!Besides in all my life I've never taken their rewievs seriously .Why should you?

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Dave K. said...

Personally, I think Advent Rising had one of the most interesting and well thought out storylines out of all the video games (some rivaling). Hell, in fact...I'd even call it an epic masterpiece. When I still had the Xbox and Advent, I stupidly sat around for a whole 3 years waiting on the trilogy's. However, they never showed. Now that I have been looking around the net and learned of the horrifying knowledge that the trilogy's were canceled, I honestly feel a little broken & saddened. Advent wasn't just a game, it really was a masterpiece, so what can be done to at least re-spark the masterpiece series of Advent? I really refuse to just give in and allow the series to end.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Sullij said...

I agree with dave k...!!! It was a masterpeice and just because they got slammed in reviews doesn't mean they sholda gave up and so wat there was a few glitches....i Mean spider man got bad reviews in the news but he didn't stop bein a superhero....they must come out with the trilogy.....or someday I'm gonna buy rights to it and make it.........advent rising trilogy is something that must be done before I die!!!!!!!

At 5:41 AM, Blogger geronimo said...

advent rising will rise this is my destiny.

At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Flyguyinthesky said...

I have always been a fan of Orson Scott Cards work, we grew up in the same city Orem, Utah. He said somewhere that for this story he basically took his stories about Ender and gave them little twists to come out with this game. Heres the deal, I know this is old and blah blah, but Advent was the only game of this type to come out when it did. Maybe it had a few bumps, but what fckn game that lets you use two hands, control time, and constantly changing focus's doesnt? Within a day i took this game and played it on its hardest difficulty, and it WAS BADDASS. Period. As badass as a game could get, LITERALLY. I love jumping straight into a room in a dive, slow time, get some dudes to your right, take out some dudes on your left while they are flying through the air, and land smooth as a babies ass reloaded and ready for the next crazy ass move to pull off. This game takes Max Payne and all others of the same style and puts them in rotton baby cribs. F the cool story, F the cool graphics and F all the other things, this goddamn game has like 6 lvls and I never stop playing the shit because it is ALWAYS that fkn sick. literally the only game you can CONSCIOUSLY dodge every bullet, place every bullet, and every other thing thats in every other video game that they all try so hard to try and get to work. Fkin terrorists. Thats what i think of the people who tried to get this game killed. By the way, any game that advertises itself as much as Advent Rising was advertised is going to implode, no one in the goddamn neighbor hood ever heard of the shit, no where any where else Ive been ever heard of it, and so forth and so forth. Guaranteed if this game had as much publicity as any other SHITTY game at the time, it would have been a HUGE success. Some of the one liners were whimpy, but what game does'nt have whimpy one liners? All in all I gave this game a 99/10 because still to this day no other game can be played as its equal. The closest thing would be ninja gaiden, which I love the F out of but this games character is the only guy imagineable to be able to take down RYU. Done Done Done, i'm bombing the shit out of anything that caused this game to "shut down". GOD THE HATRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, now im crying...........


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