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Gamers have their say.

Some posts from GAMERS around the web to counter some of (but not all) of the criticisms we have seen in the reviews to date. Note that my impression from reading around is that if you were a fan eagerly waiting for the game you WILL NOT be disappointed. I wish that I could share with you my actual impressions from playing the game, but still no word on when the game will get a release outside the US.

I’ve noted opinions that I particularly value with Advent art and most posts have been edited a little for spelling, length etc.
(No offence to the opinions without the pics, I just haven’t read posts from them before and can’t really judge their credibility)

Xeran : Official Forums
Yes it is as good as everyone is saying it is! and yes there are some issues with the framerate however it is nothing that ruins the game in any way at all. graphics are as good as expected, and the gameplay is just awesome, hehe i played it for 2hrs straight and i dont think i blinked at all...i had a headache afterwards.

i do have one complaint about it tho. the whole "choose your own path" aspect of the game isnt as full as i thought it was going to be, i think it couldve been fleshed out quite a bit more, but thats only a minor complaint.

Schwarzwald : Official Forums
-Action-friendly targeting
-Weapon upgrade system
-Overall Story

-No real graphical textures
-Framerate and Camera hitches, though occasional, are still a bit of a pain
-No movie scene index YET

Still, for me the Pros are far out-weighing it...

Delirium : Official Forums
My first impressions of the game are simple. I REALLY REALLY like the game. It's not perfect(what is?), but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

The flick targeting is kinda odd to get used to, but at the same time it's not like if you don't flick you get your butt whipped. The game does a good job of auto-aiming for you while you decide who to flick to. Also, Gideon automatically prioritizes who the second weapon fires at if you're shooting two guns at the same time. The fights are fun, but if these are the first levels, the later ones are probably going to be really challenging

The frame rate issue has been a non-issue for me so far. I've only had two bits of slow down. Both at the beginning of cutscenes where the game has stuttered a bit. But then once it started playing, the cut scene went on fine. If I hadn't heard of a frame rate issue (unless they're later) I'd actually probably credit those bits of choppiness to my XBox needing it's disc-reader cleaned, or the disc having a small scratch or imperfection on it.

Oh, and the thing everyone wants to know. the Choice system is STILL in the game.

This game so far is exactly what I was hoping for, I can't wait until I start unlocking abilities and can have even more fun fighting people. Dual wielding enemy assault rifles is fun, but is using powers.

Oh, and I don't know what the Gamespy reviewer was smoking, but the dialogue is actually really good.

Ferretwave333 : Teamxbox Forums
I am playing the game right now, trust me, there is no severe framerate issue. Please get it, this is really a great game, its just getting under rated, ask anyone on this board who has the game, they love it. Really, we can't all be lying. I need this trilogy to be continued its really good.

Finalsolution : Teamxbox Forums
The game is not mediocre just because the framerate killed the game, Im so pissed that I have put $50 to a game and not even enjoy it. All I know from now on I will never buy a game on a release date because it sux and Im pissed.

They were better just delaying the freaking game and try to fix the bugs, How the hell are you supposed to race for $1,000,000 if the game cant even run good.

Nimblevagrant : IGN Forums
Ok, first off, the game is great so far, and I haven't even got to play with the powers yet.
The reviewers were right on when they were talking about the framerate. Now, I am not a stickler for framerate by any stretch of the imagination but, there are certain points where it just chugs. However, it doesn't take away from the gun play. The gun play is freaking sweet. Both the auto-targeting and the flick-targeting are well implemented (for being a new type of targeting at least). It takes a short minute to get used to it but, once you do, you will be blowing Seekers away like theres nothing to it.

Buried-in-a-box : IGN Forums
. I really love the water effects and the jumping and floating around feeling. First person view seemed to help the framerates out a little bit too.

So far, the story and music have truly impressed me, and that's a hard thing to do. The pseudo-anime style works for me too, as the whole package of art direction just seems waaaay ahead of other game designers art direction.

God, I love the water effects!

I'm what is known as usually being a total dirty graphics slut whore, and even I am impressed here. No it's not Gears of War or even Halo 2's "clean" graphics package, but it's exactly what I expected after seeing the screens in the Xbox Nation 5 months back.

And even then they said the framerates could get pretty bad, and I didn't expect them to change. Not with all this detail on screen at once.

InsideRaindrops : IGN Forums
Yes, the gunplay is awesome, I have to agree with that. There were also some preview-authors who stated, and repeatedly, "Why do they give you all the guns early? Because when you get far enough into the game, you won't want/need them." Guess what, ladies?

It is *SO* true.

Flick-targetting. I love it. I really, really love it.

However...and this is one of my problems, although I don't know if it's with my XBox, or with the game, itself....the music and sound both cut out, for no apparent reason. At random.

Now, wait, wait, issues? Are there issues? Certainly there are issues. No game is perfect, and this one, as well, could've been worked on, just a bit. There are frame-rate dips, when there's a lot of stuff/explosions/enemies going on. Does it go on, forever? Not at all.
I have to say that both Gamespy and Gamespot were way, way, way off their marks.

Aross2004 : Gamespot forums
The framerate gets WAY worse later in the game. At first, it kind of just stutters a lot, but later in the game, (the sinking ship for example), it just bogs so bad that you can't do a damn thing except jump so you don't die while the framerate tries to even itself out.
Anyone who quotes scores from Maxim magazine should be tarred & feathered.

Edder1010 : Gamespot forums
After playing this game for 3 hours, I think that it will really disappoint those of you who waited two years plus for it. And yes it has all to do with the frame rate. In just about ALL this gun fights i've had so far in the game the frame rate dips down. Not to the point were its unplayable but.....its ugly.

other than that story, sound, and controls are all on the up and up. But the framerate can ruin it all. like i said it...its ugly

And for those of you who has the x-boxes that freeze and stutter in cut scenes all the time you might want to skip this one. this one freezes up more than KOTOR .


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Algarys said...

God… I don’t know what to think about this game…I have been very confused since I read the gamespy review…I mean, this game seemed to be so wonderful…

Anyway, it’s still good to know that if you’re an Advent Rising fan the game won’t disappoint you…

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Rooney said...

I definitely agree with you Algarys... I don't know what to think at this point. And not being able to play it for another month or so only makes it harder !

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous subordinater said...

Darn, I feel like I'm missing out on the whole review stuff here. I suppose I'll review the PC version, but I wish I could review this.

Heck, why not? I'm in a quirky mood right now.

MY REVIEW!!!!!!11!!1

I saw some pictures, and they were pretty, like a little pony I saw in a picture, but the pictures didn't have ponies... they had aliens! And a guy, too. And a girl, who was moderately hot. And another girl, who was blonde. They made me happy when I saw them because I thought of the ponies again. But the aliens weren't hot because... they were aliens! Who would think an alien was hot, unless he was on fire or something?

I really liked the pictures, and I think you should buy the pictures, too. They are good stuff!
And there's my review. I believe that it is the quality just right for your front page! Though I'm not sure I actually bought any pictures. I may have just downloaded them... illegally... ish...

Unless they were at

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Rooney said...

Ha ! Well, the PC reviews will still need to be done subordinator ! I'll leave that spot open for you...


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