Thursday, September 01, 2005

Advent seqel depends on Aeon?

Just highlighting something from the comments section...
Hey, Guys;

Believe it or not, I work for Majesco Co. I am not sure if I can tell you my actual job in Majesco but I’ll tell you this: The titles for other Advent Games were announced long ago- DON’T ASK ME WHAT THEY ARE- and as you might know the story and the script both were written at the same time. The only – and the only- factor that effects other Advent projects is Aeon Flux. If the selling of the game is well, get ready for more Advent stuff. I have not had the chance to go over all the posts - I visit a couple of them including their comments- but I've got to admit that you guys have made quite a community here :))

No way to confirm the source or the accuracy of these comments... but sounds plausible to me.


This was just confirmed on the official boards by PRosky (a Majesco Tester) to be in fact just speculation, so don't go out and preorder just yet, in hopes of a sequel. See the post in this thread on the official boards for details.


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

What are people in the attached forum talking about??? Well Of course Aeon's selling will determine Advent's fate. That is obvious. Same game same company=>profit goes to the same place. Majesco provides the whole budget for the games it provides.

At 5:42 AM, Blogger Berserker said...

Yeah, but for the fate of an entire project to rely solely on one game (as that earlier poster insinuated) that has nothing to do with the series, just doesn't sound right to me, especially when Majesco has many more games planned out that should do just as well.

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