Friday, June 03, 2005

TeamXbox Review

Yet another review up... this one notable for a few things.

It is the highest score to date - 7.9 / 10.

The tone is generally much more positive and the all important story element seems to have hit the mark according to the reviewer 'Horus'.

It also points out that they reviewed the retail version of the game, that may have less framerate issues than the review versions.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the severe framerate issues that plagued the 2-disc review debug version of Advent Rising, chose to base our review off of the final retail copy of the game. A few of the problems experienced in the debug version of the game were resolved or lessened in the retail version. We did not feel it would be fair to review a product that is not representative of the final retail version.

While its admirable for TeamXbox to take this approach, it does sound like something that Majesco/GlyphX should have got right before shipping out the review copies.

Also please dont expect that the retail version of the game will have NONE of the framerate issues other reviews have pointed out :
For one, the game is plagued with glitches and bad transitions between sequences. Enemies will become stuck in walls, you will occasionally hang in space before falling to your death, and the overall polish is severely lacking. The framerate is a problem throughout the game, however, not nearly to the extent that it originally was when playing through the debug review version of the game. The odd thing is that the framerate is choppy most often right after a cut-scene finishes, not while in the heat of battle.

TeamXbox Review


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