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PC gamers speak out!

Here is a collection of different reviews and impressions from the Majesco forums from different PC gamers. The Majesco forums are the only active place for any talk of Advent anymore. The reviews are all pretty positive, and I did not just go through and pick all the positive ones either -- there were no true negative reviews that I could find for the PC version from gamers. Some of the reviews are linked to because of the length, but those are some of the most noteworthy ones. A few of these are slightly edited.


I am new to the boards and would just like to add my two cents about the game. First Wow, just wow. It is an amazingly fun game. When I beat it I was just like wow. Now onto the specifics. Graphics I found were suitable. Nothing stupendous but for the most part quite solid. The black bars on the top and bottom is that just my computer or is it the game? Didn't see the point of them. The sound was amazing. The music was top notch and fit the mood perfectly. Sound effects were good. Voice overs were really good, I just wished they would have been louder. There were times when I couldn't hear what characters were saying especially in the middle of a battle. Gameplay was great. Very engaging completely satisfying. I found flick targeting to be pretty useless but that's just me.

I only have a few nitpicking issues with the game. The first is the intro sequence with the Majesco name and glyphx. You can't bypass it. Not a big deal but it is annoying. The second issue is much more important at least to me. The use of checkpoint saving is wrong. It is executed well and I didn't have to keep replaying long segments. I would like the more traditional saving. Multiple save slots and the ability to quick save and quick load. I really don't like it when games don't include this. I want to save every 5 seconds and I should be able to. I can't believe it is some kind of technical impossibility. It was probably something left over from the Xbox version. All that being said I would highly recomend this game to well just about anyone. It is just a deeply immersive experience one that I will play again and again.


A very deep review highlighting the pluses and minuses.


The most unique review I have read around the net, and highly recommended.


A very entertaining read.


I just bought Advent Rising for the PC, and after having played it for about 2 hours last night I'm really getting into it.

The "flick targeting" is a very cool feature. It took me a little bit of learning to get the hang of it but once I did I found it to be very useful. I also appreciate that manual targeting is the default, because sometimes I just want to mow down a small crowd of enemies and aiming at each one individually just wouldn't cut it.

I'm using a kb/mouse control setup, and I find that there's no need for me to use a gamepad. I think you guys have done a good job with the PC controls.

The graphics are very nice. Not bleeding edge, but still very nice. The cutscenes are well done and the sound is very good too.

I don't miss multiplayer because I like a really good single-player experience; something with an interesting story and good exposition to move it along in a timely fashon. In this sense, so far AR is delivering the goods.

I look forward to the last two parts of the Advent Trilogy on PC.


I've been keeping my eye on this game for sometime now, finally got it and I havent regretted it ONE LITTLE BIT. It is for me one of THE best games EVER. I loved every single moment of it, and only wish it was longer. The voice acting was great, the story...engaging and WOW. This is the first game Ive felt compelled to buy for PC (excluding the MMORPGs) in a LONG time. Im gonna try and get every single being I come across to try it out and buy if they feel so inclined because this game deserves good sales. I cant wait till the next part in what will probably be the best all around trilogy to come to the gaming world, for some time. Truly wonderous and praise to all who were involved in this glorious production. It was epic, truly epic. If you haven't bought it yet...BUY IT. You wont regret it.

And to all the bugs that are to occur I encountered only one, and all I had to do was reload the checkpoint and it was fixed (I went of the cliff in the car *i think its called the raptor* and when I respawned it was without the the big flaming rocks made a big mess out of me).

Great game, the only thing that was lacking was graphics and who really cares...its all about the gameplay people.

I hold this game up there right next to halo, and I dont really see how its ripped halo off personally. The protaganists of both games are completely different. Games are about emulating encounters so saying halo used multiple vehicles, guns what have you and AR ripped it off is stupid because it was only a matter of time before a game did all that and Halo wasnt the first anyway as many people have stated. Yeah the only thing I saw close to halo was the style ie the flashy looks shared by the aliens etc, but it wasnt so close that they are exact clones. Use your imagination people we only have so many looks available with current consoles and theres only so many ways aliens can look, they have to be somewhat similar.


A deep review that is not afraid to pull punches and a personal favorite of mine.


I played and loved the whole game totally. First off, im a sucker for stylished graphics, so this suited me very well. Other then that, I love gameplay that lets me jump around and do various kinds of moves to kill my enemies in different ways with alot of different strategies, second time I played through I used the 'All Powers' cheat to be able to experiment throughout the whole game. And there's so much fun to do. Right when I bore about tossing enemies around etc usually there's a nice cutscene that puts you in the trail of the next part of the story which suddenly makes it all interesting again to go out and kill some more.

+ The story is solid and I love the characters wherein 2 of them feels very much like people I really know "yes, jokes as well" I had no gameplay problems at all, and the so called stupid AI did'nt bother me much, I mean, there's not many games where I see any good AI, last game I played with decent AI was Farcry alas, I may have played some other game but did'nt notice the AI... Usually I let it pass by...

+ Animations are cool, as long as you pay attention to the action and the whole scene instead of just looking at the player.

+ The story was developed by Donald Mustard and his crew, and OC refined dialouge throughout the game.

+ The music is awesome, really memorable, nothing more to say then a really big hit.

+ There are also a few really interesting secrets in the game... The Developers Room, The Mario Pipes and Some small alternative things you can do.. *SPOILER* Let the guard in the beginning after training who's shooting at you, live.

Now comes the stuff I think could have been done better.

- Lipsynch, yes I think the lip-Synchronisation isn't that great. However there are few games which have great lip synch.

- Maybe more screentime for Gideon and the 'survivors' to grieve. However we see them doing that 2 times... And I think that's enough I imagine them grieving alot during the time we don't play them and time goes by.

- The things that was cut off should have been left inside, like riding that really big Car they had and also have the ability to sneak as you can see in some older movies, neither of these 2 are bad ideas and should have been there in the game.

- Modtools, with the PC version there should have been an Editor and additional mod tools, that would definetly enable the game to live on for very much longer then the span of houers it takes to play it through on Normal/hard and Ultra.


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My dear friends

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